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Some things I read over the past week, which you might enjoy:

Maxim interrogates the makers of The Wire, Marc Spitz in Maxim. (Oh Lord, whyyyy did I have to give Maxim a pageview for this? So be it. So good.)

The North West London Blues, Zadie Smith in the New York Review of Books.

Chateau Sucker, Benjamin Wallace in New York.

The Trouble with Bright Girls, Heidi Grant Halvorson in Psychology Today.

Bonfire of the Monarchy, James Wood in the New Yorker.

Crimetown USA, David Grann in The New Republic. (I often feel like there’s so much Grann out there, and so little time.)

Even Lena Dunham’s Dog is Getting Frisky With Her, Andrew Goldman in the New York Times Magazine.

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